How to make a Biryani without culinary expertise

Today is a Sunday, and generally on Sunday's my mother-in-law feels bored to cook anything, so we usually go for having lunch outside. But since today my husband was not feeling well, we decided to eat at home itself. And today I decided to cook 'BIRYANI'. My MIL's niece who was staying in Dubai, had... Continue Reading →

My visit to a dog show

Some years back, I had been to this dog show held in the Veterinary College, Bangalore, with some friends of mine. I came across some breeds of dogs that I had never seen before. I have clicked some pictures of these dogs which I would like to share. Hope you like these cuties.    ... Continue Reading →


Seminars are a very interesting place to be. There is a lot of entertainment along with valuable information. Inspired from a colloquium I have shared some funny things that I observed during the talk in the form of cartoons.

Patiently hoping for a degree…PhD

Most of the people get into PhD with high hopes and end up giving up their dreams. This blog will walk you through the hardships and hurdles that I am going through and how I am managing to still stay put.

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