Michael Schumachers of India

This website mentions about 10 amazing roller coaster rides in India.




The only difference between the general roller coaster that we see in the amusement parks and autos/cabs is that the theme park rides are not driven manually. But these vehicles are driven by ‘Michael Schumachers‘ (M.S).


Though presently in many countries Auto rickshaws are available (different names), still let me take this privilege to introduce you to an Auto Rickshaw

Physiology of an Auto Rickshaw

It is characterised by a sheet-metal body or open frame resting on three wheels, a canvas roof with drop-down side curtains; a small cabin at the front for the driver (sometimes known as an auto-wallah), with handlebar controls; and a cargo, passenger, or dual purpose space at the rear (copied from Wikipedia). It is a common form of urban transport. The capacity of the rickshaw is generally three people, but you can often see four to five people cramming in and there will be one sitting in the front along with the driver giving instructions to the driver, maybe that is what is meant by live GPS 🤣.

speciality: They can move through a traffic between vehicles and squeeze through small lanes.


Indian Roads and Autos

The roads are so beautiful in India, that many of us are bound to have a slipped disc or a neck pain.

An Orthopedician will always suggest to take a cab and avoid autos, because they do not have shock absorbers. Just imagine in a country like India where the roads are so good, the autos are not modified accordingly. I don’t know who should be ashamed of such a situation, the Indian manufacturers or the government who should actually be concerned about such conditions 🤔? I think we the citizens are most of the times ashamed of such poor infrastructures and are mostly pitied upon. Still with such good conditions, our M.S fly on the roads (maybe they think it is a runway 😕).

Another vehicle where you can experience the roller coaster ride is the Cab in India (Uber/Ola). Again we have M.S here. Wow!!! we have so many Michael Schumachers here.

Cab drive

Unlike auto rickshaws these cabs have shock absorbers, so not as much pain as auto. The pain can be classified as less to moderate.


The cab drivers think that they are driving an auto and try to squeeze between vehicles. I literally need to grab on the door handles for my safety 🙄.

Breaking traffic rules

Some drivers disobey the traffic rules. While going towards my college I need to take a U-turn where there is a traffic signal. For taking a right, a ‘go right’ indicating arrow blinks immediately after the ‘go straight’ arrow blinking stops. But before the ‘go right’ arrow is seen most of the drivers take a right and sometimes end up almost hitting other vehicle.


Using phone while driving



Both autos and cab drivers have the habit of talking on the phone while driving. Recent statistics confirms that most of the accidents in India are carried out by car drivers, especially by the younger generation drivers.

This is true. I have been travelling in Uber myself for nearly more than 4 months and frequently I have observed the driver talking on the phone and driving. When I asked the driver to hang up, he replies that “Madam, I am very experienced”.

Once my parents came down to Bangalore, to stay with me for a few days. On the day of their return, in the evening hours, I booked a cab (Uber) for them to the airport. My husband and I also decided to go to the airport to drop them. The cab came and the trip started. The driver was already talking on the phone when he arrived. While talking they do not pay heed to what you say and take a wrong turn. We were on the road, there was a truck ahead of us. This driver with high speed tried to overtake the truck. The road was not very broad. There were some pedestrians walking on the road. While overtaking the truck, the cab hit the arms of one the pedestrians. We were yelling at the driver to stop but he sped off. He was so scared. I heard the sound of the cab hitting the person walking on the road. After driving some distance, he stopped and started seeing if his car was hit 😡. He dropped us at the airport. On the way my husband complained to Uber mentioning about this reckless behaviour and requested to take action against the driver. Immediately the company called us and enquired all the details of the driver and ensured to take action against the driver. They only refund the and later as usual there was no news from them. While talking these drivers do not realise that the customer is asking them to take a different route and they drive away on their own path and by the time they realise and try to take a turn, damage is already done.

Not all the cab/ auto drivers are reckless, but due to certain drivers the whole community is under rated. Lewis Hamilton has rightly said that “The way I drive, the way I handle a car, is an expression of my inner feelings”. The way these drivers drive on road really explain their inner feelings, it could be their family issues, or the feeling towards the customer or rash driving maybe due to the grudges towards one of the customers or any other person.

There are many drivers who are very generous, follow the rules properly and drop you exactly at the point that is seen on the map, not even one centimetre more. But that is better than ending up in a hospital 🙃.

There are so many articles which questions the safety of customers driving with such rash drivers. So this blog is a request to all the drivers in India to drive safely, Because my safety depends on you”

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – drive fast and join the scenery.

– Douglas Horton

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