A smile will not kill you

Till XII std I was in Mumbai and later left Mumbai for my higher studies. After my masters I came back to Mumbai and started working in a MNC. I used to commute by train daily and everyday I had to change the train to reach my office. I used to travel alone, I did not have a friend to travel along with me. I just used to listen to the radio and enjoy the RJ talks and laugh on my own.


Once when I was returning back from work, I caught a train to reach home. I had to change the train as usual.


I had just boarded the second train and waiting for my destination, when suddenly I happened to notice a bag lying in the carrier area above. You can say that I was scared ūüėďa little as there were a lot of news on abandoned bags with bombs etc.


So I started enquiring about the bag to people around me. But none of them seem to recognise the bag. Seeing me enquire about the bag, one more female showed some concern and came towards me and suggested that we call up the helpline number and give them the details of the bag and let them take care of the bag. We saw signage boards with the helpline number and we immediately called them up. They took all the details and decided to take care of the bag in the next station. After all this commotion, the female looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her and we introduced ourselves to each other. That smile that we tenorexchanged made us feel so good, it told each other that we had done a great job. That smile made us feel secure, that we are not alone. After that we never met, but that incident was impressed on my mind as a memory.

When I came to Bangalore, I continued my tradition of smiling at people, but the only response that I received was angry, frowning, confused faces.

Okay if its an unknown person, yes I can understand that people might hesitate to smile back at you, but even the known people refused to show interest in your smile. I started feeling disappointed and hurt, and slowly even stopped smiling at anyone. I realised this attitude of not getting any response back was demotivating me. The confidence to smile at anyone started reducing, as we were sure that the response will be negative. Every time I smiled at someone and there was no response, I only felt like a fool. But that is when I realised that smiling has such a deep impact on someone’s psychology.teasing-1-tumblr_1420206731

I agree if the smiles that you get are indecent and giving out a negative vibe, you can ignore them, but a decent smile giving out positive vibes should always be welcomed.



It gives some satisfaction to us and also can boost someone else’s confidence. You never know it can make someone else’s day too.




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